Police Logs

Reported by Maria Rotelli
Scarlet Staff

Tuesday September 25th

23:00 – Woman in a short shirt seen stumbling in the street.

Wednesday September 26th

11:31 – Non-electric car parked in the charging station.

Thursday September 27th

8:36 – Wild chicken on the loose in the administration lot

Friday September 28th

9:45 Bike was found secured to emergency doorat the Sackler Science Center.

19:10 A student came to police headquarters to reclaim his bike.  

19:39 – Escort van hits a mirror.

Sunday September 30th 

15:05 –  Student saw car running, doors open, and someone leave car.

16:39 In Bullock hall thepower was out in one room only.

17:02 A kitten was found on the main campus.

In addition, there were 8 calls for Escort, 9 calls for EMS, 8 various complaints including 2 reports of suspicious people, 3 weed-related incidents, 8 alarms went off and 24 various other services this week.

The search for safety

by Steven Joy
Contributing Writer

As a junior, there’s always been an interest in the back of my mind in knowing what goes on at the safety forums here at Clark, never having been to one until now. This forum was called in response to a robbery at Oliver’s Corner Store and an attack on a student,

Campus police lead forum on safety in the community. Photo by Ashley Klann.

both occurring last weekend. About a dozen students and several faculty attended, including President Angel himself, whom I had the honor of sitting next to during the proceedings. The forum was run for the most part by Stephen Goulet, chief of University Police, but after he made the points he wanted to make, there was a great deal of discussion and opinions expressed by the students.

Returning to Clark this semester, there is a raised concern about campus safety amongst students in general. Some of those at the forum who had studied abroad in the spring noted dramatic change in readjusting to life back at Clark, and they were notable in expressing particular alarm at the safety issues on campus. One of these returning students pointed to discrepancies between local newspaper accounts of the aforementioned incidents compared to what we have heard in UP’s safety notices about their nature and severity.

Chief Goulet opened the forum by explaining the changes that have been made over the summer, and what UP has done for security. Continue reading

Police Logs

Wednesday, April 18
8:21 – RP states that they injured their ankle the previous day.
10:19 – Dizzy person in Bullock Hall.

Friday, April 20
23:05 – Foot Pursuit on main campus.

Saturday, April 21
11:04 – Removed homeless person from the UC.

Sunday, April 22
22:01 – Spill in the hallway at Maywood Hall.

In total, there were eleven calls for assisance, ten calls for escort, three investigations, nine suspicious persons, one threat, five counts of larceny, seven calls for EMS, one count of marijuana posession, two burglar alarms, two fire alarms, one disorderly person, and seven miscellaneous complaints this week.

Responsibility on both sides

Students and President Angel participate in focus groups about campus safety

By Gwen Walsh
Alumni Editor

Last week students met with President Angel to share perspectives on and experiences with campus safety, and discuss possible measures to improve Clark’s security.

A University Police cruiser in the Clark parking garage. Photo by Ashley Klann.

The meetings came in the wake of several alarming campus crime incidents, including the sexual assault at Clark in February. Since these focus groups, UP issued a “safety notification” about Clark police pursuing and confiscating the property of three minors after a strictly verbal, non-physical altercation initiated by Clark students, which gave rise to questions about UP policy and jurisdiction.

The safety forum was organized by former CUSC Vice President and Project Playground Community Outreach Coordinator Ali Canino, and consisted of three one-hour-long sessions with three to six students each. Angel and Canino attended all three sessions.

“Safety is something that we need to be constantly improving on,” Canino said. “And students are the ones that are going to have to wave the red flag.”

The purpose of the forum was to create an open, non-judgmental environment for students to talk candidly about their opinions, so most respondents will remain anonymous throughout this article. Continue reading

Police Logs

Tuesday, April 10
9:02 – Male passed out in the University Center.
10:36 – Syringe found off-campus.
13:32 – Drinking in the parking garage.
14:22 – Someone screaming for help inside 1 Maywood.
15:58 – Twenty kids in the middle of Beaver Street.

Thursday, April 12
17:38 – Individual locked in a bathroom in Dana Hall.
18:30 – Suspicious female in the living room at 112 Woodland St.

Monday, April 16
3:34 – Student threatened in the Maywood Street West Lot.

In total, there were three calls to EMS, six fire alarms, twenty-four routine patrols, twenty calls for assistance, one count of posession of marijuana, four disorderly persons, three loud parties, three emergency box calls, eleven calls for UP escort, five motor vehicle accidents, one count of malicious destruction of property, two counts of larceny under $250, and seventeen miscellaneous complaints.

The Scarlet Letter

I’m embarrassed

Ashley Klann

Why? Let’s backtrack a couple weeks to when we brought you news that a female student had been chased by a male onto campus. There was no Timely Warning issued to the student body about this, which I still don’t really understand.

This week, I opened my inbox to an email about safety. Is it to recap the meeting on safety that graces our cover this week? Is it to let everyone know about some pressing issue? No. It’s an email that’s pretty clearly telling me that some of my peers – fellow Clark students, were harassing middle school students. I have many issues with this email, and I’ll start by saying my issue with how my peers acted.

“Three students were walking near three young males when one of the students made a comment to the three males about wearing bandanas. One of the three males made a verbal threat. The student then replied verbally. Both groups then continued walking and nothing further was said and nothing developed physically. No weapon was shown.” Continue reading

Police Logs

Tuesday, April 3
23:40 – Animal in the kitchen in Sanford Hall.

Wednesday, April 4
18:50 – Motor vehicle accident off-campus.

Sunday, April 8
20:24 – Stolen laptop

Tuesday, April 10
1:34 – Loud party in Sanford Hall.
3:43 – Very loud party at 24 Louden Street.

In total, there were nine calls for assistance, three calls to EMS, ten calls for UP escort, two fire alarms, two suspicious persons, six standard UP patrols, three miscellaneous incidents, one emergency call box use, one investigation of an incident, and seven miscellaneous complaints.

UP seeking to improve safety communication

Why a recent incident didn’t require a Timely Warning

By Ashley Klann

University Police dedicates itself to keeping campus safe and maintaining a good level of communication with students about pertinent issues, but Chief Stephen Goulet says that

The recent incident has brought an increased tone of safety and smart decisions to campus. Photo by Ashley Klann.

they are still working to improve this relationship.

Goulet is seeking input from members of Student Council and The Scarlet to better understand how to get information to the student body.

“This could include both pro-active safety info and reactive information as well,” Goulet said. “We have the ClarkYou portal but I would like to expand on that somehow.”

As confirmed by Goulet, on March 23rd, a female student was approached by a male in a vehicle. The male called the student over to his car, and when the female refused, he proceeded to get out of the car and follow her. She ran to the nearest quad and called UP. Worcester Police was also notified, but students were not.

According to Goulet, issuing a Timely Warning concerning this incident was not necessary.

“This did not warrant a Timely Warning,” he said. “If there was an ongoing threat as a result of this we would have issued one.”

While this incident sounds similar to an off-campus assault that occurred on February 23rd in which a female was followed by a vehicle and asked to enter the vehicle, Chief Goulet insisted that the two events were not correlated.

“There were different circumstances present. There were no connections drawn between the two situations,” Goulet said. Continue reading

CUSC reaches out

Building connections with UP and media groups

by Jeremy Levine
Scarlet Staff

This week’s meeting of the Clark University Student Council (CUSC) featured drama and intrigue, but mostly the allocation of money. Ali Canino, Vice President of the council, spoke with Chief of Police Stephen Goulet about reducing thievery on and off campus. An open forum on campus safety is coming soon.

Food Co-op requested $308 to set up a produce co-op in Red Square on Wednesday, November 2nd. For a brief time it seemed that the group would only receive $264, but Steve Harkey, Blackstone Hall Representative, requested that the full amount be allocated because the idea deserves a test run. The money was so rewarded. Continue reading