Worcester artist/periodontist seeking artwork for show

Art sale to benefit Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Press Release
Clark University

Students ages 14 and older are invited to submit original work based on the question, “Can genocide be prevented? The two sides of human nature” for a show June 5 through July 3 at the Dzian Art Gallery, 65 Water St., which will benefit Clark University’s Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Image courtesy of project-exodus.org/

The show will be curated by “project eXodus,” an organization founded by Worcester-area artist and periodontist Dr. Elliot Salloway, DMD, and Manuel Schroeder, a photographer and artist from Berlin, Germany.

The art of Dr. Salloway and Schroeder will be for sale, with proceeds going to the Strassler Center. Student art will be displayed but not sold.

Dr. Salloway, a periodontist in Worcester for 49 years, is an avid painter and photographer whose work has been exhibited at the Miami Historical Museum, Worcester City Arts, Boston City Arts, The New Gallery in Boston, Panopticon Gallery in Boston and Waltham, Arts Worcester and the Davis Art Gallery.

He has three books being considered for publication, “Boston Haymarket Color – 250 Years,” “Keep the Faith,” and “The Mysterious Miami River.” He serves on the boards of the Photo Resource Center and Public Action for the Arts, both in Boston. Continue reading