Student Council recesses for break

By Ethan Goldstein

Separation anxiety is hard to deal with, and Clark Undergraduate Student Council suffered a huge case of it at their final meeting of the year on April 17.  The meeting exceeded two hours in length due to a filibuster by former treasurer Melat Seyoum, who maintained that the Model UN be granted not only a special budget request, but also $3,000 from the cumulative surplus, which is not available to fund clubs without special permission by the CUSC E-board, and only for purposes which explicitly benefit all of Clark.

The money in question is for the travel-associated expenses for eight members of Model UN to go to Georgetown for a conference, which cannot be paid for by normal grants since it is not until next year.  With the registration fee already technically paid for with credit by an unnamed professor, Seyoum convinced council primarily on the basis of attrition.  And so eventually the new Council vice-president William Cretinon, leading the meeting,  approved her request of the E-board after having stood against it for the previous hour.  The rest of Council who remained quickly followed suit and approved the motion.

While this act finally concluded the meeting, it wasn’t even the only filibuster-like move to be had.  Camille Adeoye, running an event this coming Saturday called Cupcakes, Curls, and Conversations, also wanted more funding for her event. She eventually obtained her funding, only to follow up by inviting only female Clarkies to the event.  Judiciary member Lauren Rosenburg pointed out, however, that Student Council requires that all events be open to all members of the Clark community. Adeoye eventually relented, and clarified that she would be alright with men attending the event too, female-focused as it is.

And so Student Council finally concluded for the year, a new E-board in place and new monies to be allocated come fall.  And despite entertaining the idea of an extra meeting, Cretinon made it clear that we have a whole summer to wait before new motions will be entertained by a new council.  I wish them luck.

February Election Results

This year’s Student Council Executive Board Election results are in. They are as follows:

President: Rian Watt
Vice President: William Cretinon
Treasurer: Raymond Na
Secretary: Rebecca Sonfist

In addition to these posts, a few other elections took place during this period, and the results of those votes are as follows:

Bullock Hall: Jheanell Lumsden
Sophomore Class Rep: Scott Cabell
Hughes Hall Rep: Joshua Bugge

All of these results will be ratified at the next meeting of the Clark University Undergraduate Student Council, which will take place on March 13.


November 14, 2012

By Radhika Sharma
scarlet staff

There were four grants requests this week.

The first one was from Radio of Clark University, “ROCU” and guess who represented the club at the meeting? Our very own local celebrity: DJ A-smooth. This grants request was regarding a 1-day conference at Simmons college and would give the four e-board members the opportunity to meet with the members of other college radio stations and get advice from them as well as attend a number of panels and lectures about how to expand their club and how to effectively run Clark radio.

It seems like Clark’s campus is going to become much more happening all thanks to one of the new clubs on campus called Clark Electric Dance Music. The aim of EDM is to increase the number of on-campus parties with good music so that Clarkies don’t have to go off-campus looking for them.

The next request was a little confusing as it was very similar to two requests that came in the past meeting, for the association of American geographers conference.

Last but not the least was a request that was very well appreciated by the member of the council: two students wanted to attend a conference called “Let’s Talk Conference” which is happening on campus and addresses the issue of “how to approach issues that face the LGBTQA community and how to provide support. This will be a beneficial experience, which will share with the Clark community”. What disappointed me was that they were refused any support from Clark RLH.

It seems as thought the idea of having printers in dorms is going to be implemented soon as the financial committee is soon going to have a meeting with ITS to finalize it.

Communications committee congratulated everyone on their successful  “cider and doughnut” party that they had all day today; people wrote comments and suggestion about the undergraduate student council. Some of the suggestions were very funny; someone said that the council is like a warm bunny, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

The charters for ACM (a computer science club) and club basketball were passed. Elections committee revealed their initiative: crisis management. They were concerned about the way Clarkies were treated during the recent crisis. They also thought it was ridiculous of the authorities to charge students for water during such circumstances. This meeting was rather short as compared to recent ones. And other than that, Happy thanksgiving!



  1. ROCU: $245
  2. Clark EDM: $400
  3. Association of American geographers conference (Andrew H.): $ 108
  4. Let’s talk conference: $100

CUSC: November 11, 2012

By Radhika Sharma 
scarlet staff

This week’s episode of Clark University Undergraduate Student Council was quite uneventful. One of the strangest requests was $419.97 for frame tools for the Clark Ballroom Dance Team. A frame tool is a device that is placed on a dancer’s shoulders and back to improve posture.

Clark Musical Theatre was given $754 for wireless microphone rentals, batteries for the microphones and costumes. Though they had a budget of $4,500, they used the money on a director and rights to the show. Clark’s beloved Quidditch Team was granted $150 for transportation to an away game at the University of New Haven. The team is working hard to get their own budget but for now they have to turn to the Student Council for help.

The Student Council heartily agreed to allocate $950 the Clark University Educational Studies Program for an event called SPLASH. Over 200 students have signed up from around Worcester to attend classes taught by volunteer students and professors. The program does not have a budget yet but they need money for t-shirts, teaching and office supplies and other miscellaneous teaching material.

Andrew Schuchu, President of the Student Council, is planning to make safety forums a permanent event that will happen once or twice a semester. He is also working on allowing off-campus students to meet up with police and other staff members to talk about safety. Possibly the most exciting idea was the idea of a self-defense class for students.

Next Wednesday the Student Council will be hosting and meet and greet at Red Square where they will be handing out apple cider and donuts from 12 to 4. Worried about the cold? They will probably be moving into the UC.

Clark University Student Council: October 31, 2012

By Radhika Sharma 
Scarlet Staff

It was a strange Halloween as members of the Student Council took seats dressed in an assortment of colorful costumes. The first request was to allocate $834 from the equipment fund to the Clark University Players Society. They wanted to buy lights to attach to the ceiling as opposed to on poles in the Little Center. The poles are currently a safety hazard. Everyone on Student Council approved this request.

Perhaps one of the strangest requests was the request for $83.88 for the Clark Undergraduate Student Council. They are looking to buy a website because their old website was, hilariously, bought by a Japanese toilet company. This money would cover a domain name ( for six years. They would like to buy the domain name for six years because it is short enough that if it doesn’t work out, it is not a huge deal but they also do not want to buy it every year. The Communications committee and the Student Leadership and Programming would run the website.

It was nice to see the Student Council giving Crystal Fam (our Clarkie of the Week, see page five) $209 for the Geographer’s Conference in LA. The $209 would cover her registration fee and membership fee. $1,465 from the Excess Student Activities Fund was given to Model United Nations to go to a conference at UPenn. This conference is two weeks away and is one of the most prestigious Model United Nations conferences in the United States.

One of the most exciting ideas during the meeting was that of President Andrew Schuchu’s. He would like to organize “Pizza with the President” during which students (all students, not just those in Council) would be able to meet with President Angel. All in all, it was a spooky, productive meeting this Halloween.

Student Council Meeting

October 10, 2012

By Tessa Browne
Scarlet Staff

Clark EDM requested $400 for a light to use for a dance they will be hosting in December. They agreed to allow other student groups to use the light, if needed. After a long series of questions about the specific light, the student council approved their request.

ISA requested $4,574 for a videographer and electric detail for GALA.

Student Council also granted the Management 100 group $50 for an event to volunteer at the YMCA.

On October 20th, the Muslim Cultural Society will be attending an event at WPI called “Re-securing the future for Muslims in America”, which they will be getting $250 from the Student Council for.

One of the more exciting requests came from SPOC. The group plans to transform Atwood into a zombie-themed haunted house. SPOC was allotted $1,000 for decorations and all necessary tools for a truly creepy Halloween night.

$335 from the Student Council’s activism fund was granted to students who will attend a conference called “Women and Genocide in the 21st Century.”

$320 was allocated from the same fund to Clark Unicef, who plans to take a few members to a summit in D.C. to learn more about becoming active on campus.

The Asian Cultural Society was also granted $400 from the activism fund to attend the “Boston Asian American Students’ Intercollegiate Coalition conference” at Boston University. There will be a series of workshops for all students (not necessarily Asian Americans). They will also host a post-conference workshop with the Asian Studies department.


October 16th, 2012

By Radhika Sharma
Scarlet Staff

The Latin American Students Organization and  the Salsa Group  were awarded $775 and $500, respectively. The money will go towards Noche Latina, which will feature authentic Hispanic culture bands and dance groups accompanied by some great food.

Student group “EOM” was awarded $250 this week.The grop is new on campus and does not yet have it’s own budget. All these things aside, no one knows the what does the initialism “EOM” means. according to the president and the treasurer of the group, who were present, “It’s only members who know the real meaning of the group’s name, it’s a fun thing to do”. From what I picked from their description of the group they are a group that screens rare and weird movies.

The communications Committee led a poll for selection of the domain name for the Undergraduate Student council’s website. The two options being : ‘’ and ‘’. got very negative reactions as the term may have objectionable multiple meanings and the other option just wasn’t appealing enough. So, no decision was made.

New faces on CUSC

By Tessa Browne
Scarlet Staff


It was a night of democracy as the Clark University Undergraduate Student Council met to discuss money distribution, welcome the new members and snap their fingers off. The new members looked a little bit lost as the President of the Student Council, Andrew Schuchu, used his gavel and summoned them to take oath. The oath taking didn’t take much time as new members weren’t sworn in individually, but rather collectively. The first thing the Council discussed was allocating money to various groups. The Quidditch team was allocated $150 for a van to an upcoming match and for shipping brooms. Clark’s “Jam Fest” 3X3 Basketball Tournament was allocated $345 for resources. The Student Sustainability Fund mentioned that they had made progress and have been granted $20,000 for projects around campus. The Council also planned on looking into the S1 bus, which goes to Blackstone Valley Shops, and is presently not available to Clark students. Andrew Shuchu also mentioned that the parent-teacher council president from the Nelson Place Elementary school is looking for people to volunteer to catalog on their books as they can no longer afford to pay their librarians. The meeting was concluded with welcoming the new members and banging the almighty gavel.

Student Council Meeting, 9/26

by Radhika Sharma
Contributing Writer

It was my first time attending a student council meeting. The meeting was very commonplace during its early stages. The first thing that struck me was the use of a gavel by the President of the Council, Andrew Schuchu whatever happened to challenging convention? In addition, the recess occurred just 15 minutes into the meeting. But as the meeting progressed it kept getting more interesting. Guess what? Quidditch just became legitimate with a budget for jersey and brooms. “Clark’s got talent” was also on the radar, and is being held on September 29th with Jason Zelesky and Kevin Forti on the judging panel. This was the last meeting before the elections, hence a lot of farewells, goodbyes, and “aww” moments. Tonight’s meeting came to a humorous end however, when the elections chair notified the council that she might be unable to vote because she couldn’t log in to her “LINK” account, ironic much? The highlight of the night occurred when the Communications Committee shared with the council that Student Council’s former website was now owned by a Japanese toilet company. Overall, it was an eventful meeting. I also realized that the council has a penchant for slashing budgets, which must be fun.

Grants passed:
Mgmt. 100 ‘”Boys and Girl’s club” day event: $150
Mgmt. 100 “Care Concert”:$200
CU Quidditch: $920

CUSC discusses plans for next year

Office space allocations presented

By Gwen Walsh
Executive Editor

Representatives from OPEN attended this week’s student council meeting to discuss a Purchase Order which was denied by Treasurer Melat “so graceful she should be royalty” Seyoum, as she is called in the minutes. The group wished to buy t-shirts for the Month of Awareness, but the request was denied because it was for apparel, although Seyoum agreed to discuss the issue with the group further after the meeting.

Grants Committee Chair Ivy “Not Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby” Mbaya [sic], heard a request for $200 from the advocacy fund for Aaron Segura to attend a seminar in Costa Rica on permaculture called “Verd Energia.” He has already met most of the cost requirements and will collaborate with Food Truth when he returns to share what he learned. The motion passed, and the funds will be used for transport and seminar fees.

Rory “the green hair was a bet, okay?” Jones [sic] from the Organizational Committee presented on Room and Space Allocations for the 2012 – 2013 academic year. Jones stated that he would assign The Scarlet and STIR to the same office space, in the basement of the ALCI house. The Scarlet appealed the allocation, but Jones denied the request stating that STIR is a new organization and thus deserves the space. According to their Facebook page, STIR has been in existence since 2006.

CUSC ratified the results for the recent special election. The Student Venture Fund, which would have given students money to start initiatives that are not directly affiliated with the university, failed 237 to 254, but the Sustainability Fund passed 247 to 244, which is a very close race. Continue reading

New faces at CUSC meeting

Corey Coose resigns from Judiciary Committee

By Jeremy Levine
Scarlet Staff

This week’s meeting of our esteemed elected representatives involved a number of personnel changes. First, Corey Coose, a respected member of the Judiciary Committee resigned in dramatic fashion, thanking Council members for their service and wishing everyone the best of luck, amidst the shrieking protests of his fellow Judiciary members.

The results of the April 16-17 elections are in, and CUSC swore in two new members as a result. Many other positions were contested but have resulted in ties or need to be sorted out otherwise. For the time being, Sharon Bort was sworn in as Hughes Hall Representative, and Tarikwa Leveille was sworn in as Minority Representative. CUSC also appointed a new webmaster, Michael Steele.

Four Grants Committee allocations were made this week. First, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) got $300 for an event this coming Sunday at the Dolan Field House. The event is called Wiffle Weekend, and the money is going towards shirts and pizza. They will be asking for donations for the Special Olympics at the event. Continue reading

The 101st Student Council hands over the reigns

by Jeremy Levine
Scarlet Staff

Tears were shed as President Lisa Johnson, Vice-President Ali Canino, and Treasurer Rian Watt gave their concluding addresses at the beginning of this week’s Student Council meeting. They each spoke fondly of their years on Council and gave worthwhile advice to the students who are still serving.

Following the oath of offices, President Andrew Schuschu, Vice President Maia Selkow, Treasurer Melat Seyoum, and Secretary Kate Lally took over their first meeting.

Because of last week’s budget kerfuffle, an important bylaw that was passed last week did not make it into the last student council article. The bylaw lowered the amount of money available for Special Budget Requests by $4,000 a year. This money will then be freed up to be allocated to clubs at the beginning of each year. There is excess money in this fund every year and it could be put to much better use by campus’ clubs.

This week, led by our new President Andrew Schuschu, CUSC heard a presentation by the Local Roots Food Co-op, one of the groups that received funding from the cumulative surplus allocations a few months ago. They are currently working on establishing relationships with local food suppliers. The group is also considering setting up a delivery system for its participants.

Grants committee made one allocation this week. They gave $112 to Peace Works for buttons to be sold at their Go Green on the Green event and the peace fair. This money will go towards Haiti relief projects.

The organizational committee granted four PCF requests this week. OPEN got $300 for their “Bending Desire” event. SAAC got $300 for the Beaver Street Block party, while RAWR received $300 for screening the movie The Cove, and $300 went to Eco-Reps for Go Green on the Green. Continue reading

CUSC allocates club budgets

Tensions were high in allocating $3,798

by Jeremy Levine
Scarlet Staff

This week’s student council meeting was dominated by a discussion of how to allocate contested funds from the annual fiscal budget. The meeting was full of drama, intrigue, and suspense, and I have a word count, so let’s hop to it!

First, CUSC allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars to committees and organizations that had not contested their claims. The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing the eleven groups that were unsatisfied by the amount that council allocated to them.

Since there are two referenda on the ballot for April 24th and 25th, none of the numbers passed tonight are completely final. The numbers on which CUSC agreed to tonight are in the event that the referenda pass; if one or both of them fail, the remaining funds will be distributed to clubs accordingly.

Each group was given an initial recommendation a couple of weeks ago. They had the option of appealing this recommendation if they felt it was necessary. If they were unsatisfied with that number, they could come to the meeting that was held on Wednesday, April 4. These clubs were Hip Hop CollaboCUBS, Model UN, Salsa Encendida, Clark Musical Theatre, Equestrian ClubClark Bars, Ballroom DanceSouth Asian Student AssociationMillennium Leadership Conference, and Ultimate Frisbee. Continue reading