Bright idea

Physical Plant talks about lights on campus 

By Shaina Sanders
Contributing Writer

Have you ever walked through campus late at night and thought, “Why in the world are the lights on in that building?” Well, the mystery is solved.

Carlson Hall all lit up.

For the most part, Clark is an environmentally friendly campus. Clubs like Clark Sustainability Collaborative and Eco-reps lead the way to our green success.

Awareness posters in residence halls, recycling bins, the winter break competition for which dorm can use the least power, and the unconventional signs that show you which way to flush the toilet all prove that this campus goes above and beyond to reduce our negative impact on the world.

In that case, how is it possible that lights in main buildings, such as Dana Commons and Academic Advising, are allowed to burn endlessly over vacations and overnight?

The Bistro lights blazing away.

After speaking with Physical Plant, it turns out that most lights stay on for safety, security, and maintenance purposes.

Imagine trying to go up the stairs of Jonas Clark at night without the lights on, or walking through the Bio-Physics building with nothing but red exit lights to guide you through the halls.

It is important not to forget maintenance. All the beautifully cleaned offices, classes, and meeting areas do not stay spotless by magic.

There are maintenance crews who work night shifts in order to tidy areas that cannot be reached during daytime hours.

So what are a few solutions to this nagging issue?

Motion sensor lights have been installed in a few buildings to preserve power. Signs are put up near light switches asking you kindly to “flip the switch” before leaving.

If you notice that there is a particular building with lights being left on and there is no activity, call Physical Plant and they will try to resolve the problem. Keep Clark eco-friendly by raising awareness daily through your actions and words.

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