Clark named a “Best Best”

University included in The Financial Aid Handbook

by Charlie Romanow
Scarlet Staff

Clark University has recently been named to another prestigious list of schools as it was

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included in the list of 60 schools that were named “Best Bets.”

This list was included in The Financial Aid Handbook: Getting the Education You Want for the Price You Can Afford.

The guide was put together by Carol Stack and Ruth Vedik who have each worked as financial aid consultants at dozens of different types of colleges across the country.

In addition to being noted for its environmental and sustainable practices, Clark has also previously been commended on its value as it was named the 28th best value private school by Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine just a month ago.

As its name implies, The Financial Aid Handbook helps college bound students learn about the different types of financial aid and gives the names of some schools which stand out in financial aid distribution.

The criteria that was used to identify which schools deserved recognition included the average student loan debt per year, the selectivity of the school (to make sure that the school had good academics), the amount of average grants and average loans given out, and information gained from people that are close to the university.

The different types of loans and scholarships were also a factor in deciding which schools to select, as both need-based aid and merit-based aid were involved in analyzing each of the schools financial aid record.

A specific award that the Handbook named as noteworthy was Clark’s Making a Difference Scholarship which is awarded to students who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to, and leadership in, community engagement and social change.

Other scholarships that also stood out were the Presidential Scholarship which is awarded to students who perform very well in high school and standardized tests, as well as Achievement Awards which are given to those who demonstrate strong academic potential in their application for admission.

It is clear that Clark is making a name for itself in the area of financial aid, and this will help in the number of students who wish to attend Clark.

One thought on “Clark named a “Best Best”

  1. How much money does Clark spend on Financial Aid and what is the source of the funds i.e., state, federal, private? Does Clark do anything special in terms of fundraising or something else that makes it stand out from other college’s?

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