What really goes on in the caf?

Clark hosts Food Day

by Charlie Romanow
Scarlet Staff

As many of you know, this past Monday was Clark University’s Food Day Festival. Many local vendors and organizations attended the event to share their knowledge about food

Image courtesy of foodday.org

with students, faculty and anyone else who wanted to attend.

I recently spoke to Heather Vaillette, the General Manager of Dining Services. In my discussion with her, I learned many things about Clark’s food that I did not know before.

Much of the food is obtained through local purchasing and local vendors, and made with real ingredients. In fact, a majority of the cafeteria’s food is made from scratch.

Some particular foods that I found were made from local ingredients include the yogurt and honey, which are made from Massachusetts ingredients, and the local fish can be traced back to the specific ship and captain from which it was caught and who it was caught by.

There are also sustainability practices on fish purchasing which are followed by Clark. The ingredients for Clark’s food are obtained through local and fair trade. Some vendors that attended this years’ Food Day include Cedar Farms, Polar Beverages and Garelick Farms. Food Day also had some local nutrition experts that performed wellness checks.

Food Day concluded Monday night with the showing of the film “Fresh” which was about government oversight and regulation of the food industry. Food Day was also held this past Saturday at the Central Community Branch of YMCA in Worcester. Soups made with local ingredients were handed out. In addition to helping out with Food Day, Clark also donates their excess food and milk to an organization called Rachel’s Table, who then distribute the food and milk to Worcester area food banks.

The main points that I took away from my discussion about Food Day and the Clark Dining Services is that there are many things being done behind the scenes to make the food healthier and better that students do not know about. The Dining Services staff is very passionate about providing nutritious and good food to the students.

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